Cyclehaus is governed by the belief that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a fulfilling, productive, and joyful life. The idea is that when one dedicates themselves to making fitness a sustainable part of their lives, many other things fall into place; inner peace, success in relationships, personal acceptance and daily productivity. It is our goal to create an atmosphere and product that facilitates this achievement in our clients.

Cyclehaus is more than just fitness. We are your hub to meet motivating people, be productive, or just relax. Our facility is your sanctuary, your getaway, your home away from home. Cyclehaus is results driven. Through our classes we present a higher standard of fitness to help you reach goals and constantly challenge yourself. Our dynamic team of instructors are thoroughly trained and are equipped with the knowledge to elevate your fitness so that you see the results you desire.

Cyclehaus is located on the 2nd floor of 3300 E. Broadway and features:

  • Indoor seating areas to meet other members of Cyclehaus and to enjoy healthy drinks and snacks from our in-haus store, Energyhaus!
  • Free parking in our lot across the street at 228A Coronado Ave. We also have a few spots in the building. Also free street parking!